About Booked

Learning to read opens the door to a whole new world for children. Continuing to read keeps the door open. At Booked, we have something for every youthful reader. We created Booked for young children through young adults to learn about different places, cultures, religions, sexual/gender identities, and races. To get lost in a book and not want to turn off the night light at night. To have kids excited about picking out a new book because it’s an adventure to read and to learn something new. We're promoting literacy, kindness, and fun in Booked and will match young readers with books that will instill a love for reading. Our bookshop combines our affection for books and our experience as parents and educators.
- Rachel

Rachel Round

Rachel is a lifelong reader and book lover. Her career started as a special education teacher, focusing on students with autism and other related developmental disorders. From there, she moved to become a school psychologist, and finally pursued her doctorate in Education, School Psychology, and Disability Studies.

Rachel believes that books have the power to change lives (and she never leaves home without one).