Longer summer days mean longer summer hours at Booked. Come see us on our new schedule, which includes an extra hour on Wednesday and Friday nights!

Longer summer days mean longer summer hours at Booked! Come see us on our new schedule:

Tues: 10am-5pm
Wed: 10am-6pm
Thu: 10am-5pm
Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Sun: 10am-3pm

evanston's cozy independent bookstore

Booked offers a carefully curated, diverse selection of new titles and classics for readers of all ages. From board books for babies to literary bestsellers for adults (and everything in-between), we have new books for all the readers in your life.

Additionally, we can order books that we may not have in stock. Are you a school librarian, teacher, principal? Ask about our Book Fairs and school and teacher discounts! Get in touch, and let us help you find the perfect book for your needs.

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In addition to weekly storytimes, we host special events around book launches, holidays and more. Check out our Calendar to see what's next!
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